A Creative economy for black creators

Nandi Cowry Creator Fellowship

We are revolutionizing the way Black creators across the globe are found and funded. Its long overdue to restore the community that Black creators emerge from to the center of talent identification and funding. Its a simple concept but in its absence the average Black creator is left seeking superstardom and exceptionalism defined by others and those images of creativity thrust upon the Black community, creating a dangerous cycle that we are happy to break. This is why we decided to create the Nandi Cowry NFT Community fellowship.

Leveraging the power of Web 3.0 to build a sustainable ecosystem.

Under resourced, under supported we have heard the plight of our global creator community. We are not just selling NFTs, we want to create a global art community that serves creators and artists. With this fellowship, we want to sponsor projects that will bring value to the whole Nandi Cowry Community (aka Nandi Cowry NFT holders), while raising awareness around the each institution and the creative community it serves. We believe it will also be a good incentive for you to develop activities around Nandi Cowry, and to help Black creatives achieve the ideas that intrinsically motivate you & others.

How does it work?

Most frequent questions and answers

A grant is a sum of money given for a particular purpose. In our case, we will give up to 100,000 per project, to one or more projects to support their completion. **

The number of projects supported and the amount granted per fellowship at the discretion of the Nandi team, selection of the creators is solely in the hands of the community

Any Black led organization can submit an application to host a Nandi Fellow program. You can choose to have an existing creator focused program funded or build an entirely new project all by yourself, or with our team of other community members (or even outside the community of course).

  • The project must be around Black Creators
  • It must deliver value for the community
  • Anyone can apply for a grant even if they don’t own a Nandi Cowry NFT

Our team will have a half-hour call (approximately) with the organization(s) to answer their questions and discuss their visions. Please note that this isn’t an endorsement, we will then submit the project brief to the community for a vote to admit the cultural institution to become a fellowship host.

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