Nandi Cowry's Manifesto

Our intention with this project is at the root of changing the way that Black creators and cultural institutions are funded. We are able to achieve this change by raising capital from our community through leveraging the blockchain, and reinvesting the resources into our best and brightest; all of whom are selected by the community. The Nandi Cowry community, and the Nandi marketplace itself, is rooted in 4 core values: 

Collective Power
Inclusive Prosperity

transparency & GOvernance

Our community treasury

Nandi Creator Fellowships
Metaverse, Digital FESTAC and Collab Studio Community Projects
Movemint Fund for Art & Culture
Core Operation
Treasury Reserves

Pushing Digital Boundaries for African Creators to Develop an Ecosystem of Prosperity

African Digital Art  is Africa’s largest creator community and we’re building the foremost cultural marketplace for digital goods, which include collectibles, physical art certifications to gaming items & digital art, and other items backed by a blockchain. These digital goods have brand new properties: they’re unique, provably scarce, liquid, and usable across multiple applications. We’re building a brand new economy from the ground up based on digital ownership.

nandi is our collective curated marketplace built by our community of digital artists. We are building a culture wallet for digital and physical items, built to leverage blockchain technology for African creators. nandi will soon enable all African creators, galleries & brands to mint their digital goods and manage their communities of supporters and collectors. 

Nandi Cowry Private Pre-Sale Is Now Live