Welcome to Nandi Cowry

Nandi Cowry is a collection of artistically designed royal & warrior Nandi NFTs designed to revolutionize how Black creators are funded throughout the world. By collecting one of each unique digital collectibles, living on the carbon negative Celo blockchain as ERC-721 token you are a custodian of both the future of Black emerging talent and protector of the cultural legacy of African antiquities. Proceeds of the sale of NFTs will fund creator fellowships, returning African art antiquities to the community and much more. Each Nandi Cowry is “provably-rare,” as they are built from individual attributes with varying levels of rarity and base characters hand drawn by renown artist Sindiso R!OT.

Nandi Cowry Presale Available Now!

Perks of Ownership

You own the IP.

By owning a Nandi Cowry NFT you own the underlining artwork and all of its intellectual property.  Read the complete Licence here. 

Each Nandi Cowry NFT is a 800×800 png available to all the right click save guys out there. But only by owning its NFT will you be able to unlock the 4000×4000 file of a specific Nandi Cowry NFT you love and use it for prints, derivatives, or whatever you fancy.

Curated pre-sales & Exclusive Access.

Holding our Nandi Cowry NFT makes you eligible for exclusive airdrops of NFT artwork by well established artists & brands, auto-whitelisting and early access to NFT drops on Nandi Market. Holders will also receive tickets to IRL & virtual Nandi Lounges at partnering art fairs and ADA Digital Galleries

Rewards & Community

Nandi Cowry NFT holders will receive accelerated rewards based on the tier of ownership for participating in the Nandi ecosystem. Holders will be able to vote on locations of our IRL Nandi Lounges and ADA exhibitions. Holders will vote on Nandi market curations and future acquisitions of physical and digital art & cultural projects.

Building a creative ecosystem with our community. From Africa to the World.

We’ve already ignited our global community by sponsoring an NXT.ART, the fusion of digital fine art and contemporary African art at Africa’s largest gathering of technologists at AfricaNXT and hosting cocktails & cowries in Washington, D.C. We will continue providing the Nandi Cowry NFT holders global one of kind immersive experiences post the launch and public mint.

Nandi Cowry


Each Nandi Cowry NFT is priced to mint at one of three tiers based on rarity. 25 cUSD, 500 cUSD, and 10,000 cUSD and will be revealed instantly on Nandi. Each tier of the Nandi Cowry will have the following amount of NFTs.


Tribe Members
Chief Members
Founding Members
Building a creator ecosystem

Nandi Creator Initiatives

3% of all Nandi Market sales fund the Membership treasury to support the fellowships and community initiatives

what we support

Nyege Nyege Festival

Often considered the most important 4-day international music festival in East Africa for both its one of a kind curation and its unique East African party vibe, what lies beneath is a Kampala based arts collective that includes an artist residency and community studios. We are honored to join the host of supporters for the artist residency and collaborate with Nyege Nyege even further to create an immersive virtual experience for our community that are unable to attend physically.

Birthright AFRICA

Formed in 2015, our friends at BirthRight Africa inspires youth and young adults of African descent ages 13 – 30 to explore their cultural roots and legacy of innovation within the United States and select nations in Africa as a birthright. They’ve partnered with Jidenna to lead a cohort of creatives in the Diaspora to connect with their African roots and we are excited to support their much needed mission.

Black Music Incubator

The Black Music Entrepreneurship Incubator is built by Grammy award winner Bosko Kante to create a world where Black musician-entrepreneurs of all genders benefit from their music, build lasting businesses, and uplift their communities. As creator, inventor, entrepreneurs and now as an ecosystem builder Bosko’s continuous efforts contribute to Black cultures in an ever evolving & impactful way. We are excited to partner with the Black Music Entrepreneurship Incubators to further their mission.

Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art

YSMA is Nigeria’s first purpose built, privately owned art museum seeded with a generous contribution for Yemisi Shyllon, a Yoruba prince from Abeokuta, the capital of the Ogun State in southwest Nigeria, who is arguably Nigeria’s biggest art collector and the university museum’s main donor. We can think of no better legacy to continue than the community supporting his ambitious legacy and supporting the creation of a visiting fellowship at YSMA.


Most frequent questions and answers

A collection of 10,000 unique, cool & diverse characters to promote diversity in the nft space and give back to the community.

Sindiso Nyoni (@SindisoNyoni) has hand drawn the base characters and many of the attributes of the collection by using illustrator. He’s a renown African creator that’s leading this community design project.

All Nandi Cowry NFTs will only be available on Nandi, register to get early access, join & be active on our Discord to get whitelisted for discounted prices.

  1. You own the IP to your Nandi Cowry as provided by this agreement (See specific FAQ)
  2. Exclusive access to its 4k unlockable content
  3. A free print of your Nandi Cowry
  4. Voting and recommendation rights on creators selected for the Nandi Cowry fellowships
  5. All Nandi Cowry NFTs are members of Clubs that grant their owner utility from the project
  6. Check the Nandi Cowry NFTs from Club membership benefits in our Discord
  7. The right to flip the Nandi Cowry for a tidy profit

Go to Nandi, connect your wallet then go to the “My Nandi Cowry NFTs” page where you’ll be able to download the 4k files

They were revealed instantly after mint. You can see your Nandi Cowry NFTs in your ”Nandi Wallet” if you’ve purchased using the Nandi or if you’ve used a 3rd party wallet like Metamask you will utilize their NFT viewer to see your Nandi Cowry NFT.

They will be minted at fixed costs for their respective tiers 25 cUSD (tribe) 500 cUSD (chief) & 10K cUSD (founding),  Their price is now up to their current owner!

ERC-721 hosted on IPFS

11 different traits & 189 total attributes, with a minimum of 7 traits per Nandi Cowry NFT.

The entire project proceeds will be dedicated to community projects, 50% towards the Nandi Fellowships for emerging creators, 15% to develop Digital FESTAC, 15% toward the MoveMint Fund to support acquire physical and digital fine art and support our in house Collab Studio to partner with creators & community members to develop their existing projects

The Rarity tool for Nandi Cowry will be available after the conclusion of the community design competition

Spreading the word about our mission on Twitter & Discord. If you want to do more, feel free to reach out to us in DM or by email

Nandi Cowry Private Pre-Sale Is Now Live